A Tale of Two Cities: The Circuit City Story

A feature-length documentary film

“Good to Great to Gone” – In the News

From NPR’s Marketplace, to Bloomberg TV, to the Motley Fool, Good to Great to Gone is getting lots of positive press!  Click on the book for links to Alan Wurtzel in the news.   
Alan would very much appreciate your reviews of Good to Great to Gone on Amazon.com.  If you’ve read it, please click on the link below, scroll down and click on “Write a Review.” If you haven’t read it, click on the link and get your copy!  I know you will enjoy it.
For those of you in the Richmond area, Alan will be speaking at the Virginia Historical Society at noon on November 29th.  Please attend and Alan will sign your copy of the book.
Hope to see you there!

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Positive Press for “Good to Great to Gone”

Click here to order the 2-disc set!

Click here to order the book!

Good buzz going for Alan Wurtzel’s new book as the October 23rd release date finally arrives!  Alan’s speaking engagement at the University of Richmond’s Robins School of Business on October 17th was a great success, and several local media outlets captured interviews while he was here.  Follow these links to read more:


Here’s a link to a video of  Alan’s lecture at Robins:
 Alan Wurtzel at the Robins School of Business

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Good to Great to Gone – New Release Date, New Cover

Click on the cover to learn more

Just a few more weeks until Good to Great to Gone:  The 60 Year Rise and Fall of Circuit City is released.  The revised publication date is Tuesday, October 23, 2012.  You can pre-order now (with a Low Price Guarantee!) from the book’s web site:  www.CircuitCitytheBook.com

You may have noticed a subtle – but factually important – change to the front cover of the book:  Alan’s title has changed from “Founder” to “Creator.”  The founder of the company was, of course, Alan’s father Sam, who opened Wards TV in 1949.  Alan created the Circuit City concept in 1977 and officially changed the name of the company in 1984. 

Be sure to read the first 30 pages or so of the book when you visit its web site.  Also check the event calendar… Alan may be speaking and signing his books at a venue near you!

The acclaimed documentary film,  A Tale of Two Cities:  The Circuit City Story, also chronicles the meteoric rise and tragic downfall of the late, great retailer.  It’s available now on Amazon.com.  Click here to order!

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“Good to Great to Gone” at CircuitCitytheBook.com

Click here to go to the book's web site

Good to Great to Gone:  The 60 Year Rise and Fall of Circuit City has a new web site!   The company’s creator and first CEO, Alan Wurtzel, has just launched CircuitCitytheBook.com to provide interested readers with the latest information about the book’s forthcoming publication.   Click here to read excerpts, reviews, see upcoming events, and watch interview clips with the author.  Here’s what “Good to Great” author Jim Collins had to say about “Good to Great to Gone:

“Alan Wurtzel led Circuit City to extraordinary success, one of a small handful of Fortune 500 companies to make a leap from good to great. Years later, Circuit City ceased to exist. Any understanding of what makes great companies tick must also consider the question of how they can fall. Alan Wurtzel’s own analysis of the company he built to greatness, and its subsequent demise, adds to our understanding.”

Jim Collins
Author of Good to Great and How the Mighty Fall

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“Good to Great to Gone” debuts in October!

Alan Wurtzel’s new book, Good to Great to Gone:  The 60 Year Rise and Fall of Circuit City, is scheduled for publication on October 9th, 2012.  This insightful, revealing, and fascinating account by the creator and first CEO of the company is a must-read for corporate leaders, business scholars, and anyone whoever worked or shopped at the late-great retailer.

Tom Wulf, producer/director of A Tale of Two Cities:  The Circuit City Story, interviewed Alan Wurtzel in late July and asked him why he felt compelled to write Good to Great to Gone.  Watch the video clip to see Alan’s response.

YouTube Preview Image

Alan will be making appearances in the Richmond, VA and Washington, D.C. markets in the mid-October time-frame.  Check back here for details, and look for Alan’s new web site in the next few weeks.  You can also connect with Alan on LinkedIn, and follow his progress on the “Tale of Two Cities” Facebook page.

In the meantime, enjoy the perfect complement to his book — get a copy of the documentary DVD on Amazon.com.

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“Good to Great to Gone” – by CEO Alan Wurtzel!

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WulfTeam Productions is proud to announce that documentary producer Tom Wulf is working with Circuit City’s creator and first CEO Alan Wurtel to promote his forthcoming book, “Good to Great to Gone.”   The book provides a unique, CEO’s perspective on the spectacular rise and catastrophic fall of the late-great retailer.

“Good to Great to Gone” is a terrific complement to the documentary, A Tale of Two Cities:  The Circuit City Story, which is now available at a special low price from Amazon.   The acclaimed film continues to earn 5-star reviews.  It’s an exciting ride through the  60-year history of consumer electronics — a must-see for anyone who ever worked or shopped at Circuit City.

Wulf is helping with photo selection and publicity for the new book.  Here are a few illustrations:

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Documentary featured on WTVR’s “Virginia This Morning”

YouTube Preview Image

Producer/director Tom Wulf appears on WTVR CBS 6′s “Virginia This Morning” to discuss his documentary, “A Tale of Two Cities:  The Circuit City Story.”  The acclaimed documentary is available at a special price of  just $17.95.  Click here to order the 2-disc DVD set from Amazon.com.  The documentary tells a tale of two “Cities” — one that went from good to great, and another that went from great to gone.  Give your friends and family a slice of retail history.  It makes the perfect gift for anyone who ever worked or shopped at the late-great retailer.

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Special Holiday Price on the 2-Disc Set!

YouTube Preview Image
1955 Wards TV ad from the Richmond Times-Dispatch

A Tale of Two Cities:  The Circuit City Story makes the perfect holiday gift for anyone who ever worked or shopped at the late-great retailer.  The acclaimed documentary chronicles the fascinating 60-year history of the “Good-to-Great” consumer electronics retailer – from its humble beginnings as the family-owned Wards TV, to its meteoric rise, to its tragic slide into bankruptcy.  And for the first time, WulfTeam Productions is offering the 2-disc Director’s cut for a special sale price of just $17.95!  Click here to purchase the DVD on Amazon.com.  

Click here to buy the 2-disc DVD set

Sale price runs now through Christmas.  Beginning in late November, look for our ads on WTVR CBS, and on wtvr.com, co-sponsored by the Market Ashland Partnership.

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A “recommended” rating by Video Librarian!

Click here to buy the 2-disc DVD set

WulfTeam Productions is proud to receive a “recommended” rating in the latest published review of 
A Tale of Two Cities:  The Circuit City Story

A Tale of Two Cities: The Circuit City Story
(2010) 2 discs. 95 min. DVD (avail. from www.amazon.com):
Combining sympathy with a healthy dose of hardheaded analysis, Tom Wulf’s documentary examines the rise and fall of Circuit City, beginning with a look at the growth of the former electronics store chain, which started with Sam Wurzel’s decision to establish a store to sell and rent televisions in Richmond, VA, in 1949. Wurzel’s canny salesmanship and commitment to developing knowledgeable staff led to swift expansion—both in number of outlets and variety of merchandise—which continued after Sam’s son Alan succeeded him as CEO. After decades of uninterrupted success, however, a new management team in the ‘90s made strategic errors, developing a proprietary DVD system that failed to catch on (the DIVX fiasco) and unwisely establishing a used-car adjunct. Circuit City also underestimated new competitor Best Buy, which emphasized low prices. By 2000, Circuit City was desperately attempting to stave off disaster, an effort that led to closures, staff and salary reductions, deteriorating customer service, vendor problems, and finally bankruptcy in 2009. Featuring interviews with employees (including a critical Alan Wurzel), outside observers, and vendors, combined with a wealth of archival material, A Tale of Two Cities offers a sad portrait of entrepreneurial spirit gone stale due to mismanagement and complacency. DVD extras include a collection of vintage commercials and orientation films. Recommended. Aud: C, P. (F. Swietek)

To read this and other DVD reviews on the Video Librarian web site, click here.

To order A Tale of Two Cities:  The Circuit City Story 2-disc set from Amazon click here.

Look for Alan Wurtzel’s new book, Good to Great to Gone:  The Rise and Fall of Circuit City, in the near future!  The book will be a great complement to the documentary, adding some leadership lessons and social context to the company’s 60-year history.

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Circuit City documentary reviewed in “North of the James”

North of the James editor Charles McGuigan writes a colorful, insightful review of A Tale of Two Cities:  The Circuit City Story documentary.   The film is available on DVD at Amazon.com.  Click here to read more reviews or order the 2-disc DVD set!

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