A Tale of Two Cities: The Circuit City Story

A feature-length documentary film

Wards TV

Sam Wurtzel  believed that using the Wurtzel name on a TV shop might not resonate well with Richmonders back in the 1940s, so he created a name for his company that was an acronym of his family’s initials:  Wards.  The “W” stood for Wurtzel, “A” for his son, Alan; “R” for his wife, Ruth; “D” for his other son, David; and the “S” stood for Sam.

But moving to Richmond and opening a TV store was an act of spontaneity for the Wurtzels.  The decision came after Sam’s previous career in New York came to a sudden end.

Click on the picture of Sam to hear Alan Wurtzel talk about his father’s life before Wards TV.

Click on the newspaper ad to hear advertising manager

Ralph Smith talk about Richmond in the 1940s.

Click on the storefront to hear Don Talley talk about his dad,

John Talley, one of Wards TV’s first service techs.

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