A Tale of Two Cities: The Circuit City Story

A feature-length documentary film


Click on the station photo to see a tour of this Richmond landmark and hear about its history.


Sam Brock appears in the documentary and was the emcee for the Richmond premiere on December 8th.


WTVR was the South’s first television station.  When Sam Wurtzel first saw the station from a barbershop window in early 1949, Sam realized that Richmond residents would need TVs. 

For the first six years, WTVR was Richmond’s only TV station.   Wards and WTVR were quite dependent on each other:  Wards needed WTVR to provide programming and WTVR needed Wards to sell as many TVs as possible. 

Programming was limited to four or five hours a night.  Sam Wurtzel would make evening appointments for his in-home TV demonstrations so that the customer would see an entertaining TV show instead of the usual test pattern.   Of course, signal reception was important for a good picture, so Wards TV also provided outdoor antenna installations as well.  WTVR and Wards were both pioneers in their respective industries. 

On June 5th, 2010 WTVR CBS 6 news reporter Sam Brock won an Emmy Award for his 2009 news story on the The Rise and Fall of Circuit City.

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